Movement Monday- 3 Reasons to Move Daily

As humans we are very literally designed to move. Before the world became the civilized place that it is today, humans found their survival nice as extreme endurance hunters. We were not the strongest or the fastest, but we were smart and had the ability to sustain physical activity for far longer than most of our prey, meaning we could chase them til they were exhausted and boom... meal time!

Well, we do not live in a hunter gatherer society any more... in fact, we live with VERY little scarcity at all. This is (of course) a good thing for the sake of sustaining our society and having the ability to focus on something besides our survival, BUT it comes with a downside.

Sedentary culture is on the rise, and as such we are moving much less and seeing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and many forms of cancers on the rise as well. If we want to begin chipping away at these epidemics it is time to fight back against sedentary culture and get moving again!

Without further back story, here are your top 3 reasons to move daily:

1) Weight Management- Even just starting with 30 minutes a day of moderately difficult activity will make a MASSIVE difference in the health of a sedentary individual. More importantly, be doing something daily you start to build it into the routine and make taking care of your body a part of your very habits!

2) Increased Mood and Cognitive Function- Ever been stressed out and anxious to the point of not being able to think straight (aka being a human)? Me too! I've found that doing something physically challenging is a great way to alleviate these stresses and get back to feeling mentally sharp. Give it a try next time you get stressed... give yourself a much deserved break and hit the gym, go for a walk, go for a swim, or take a scenic bike ride.

3) Decreased Disease Risk- Consistent exercise has shown great results in lowering the risk for a number of diseases and conditions associated with sedentary living. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, certain cancers, and even depression are impacted in a very positive way when exercise is introduced... Doctors orders? Get yo gainz on!

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