How To Find Time To Get More Fit

One of the biggest objections to having a consistent fitness routine and/or eating healthy is that there just isn't enough time in the day.

I totally get it, too... balancing work, family, running errands, etc, etc... It gets hectic! Now we are talking about throwing a fitness routine and taking the time to cook healthy on top of all that?

Because I understand how tough it is, I want to share with you some tangible advice on how to improve upon your health, despite feeling that you just don't have the time.

1) Re-frame the benefits of being healthy. For many people, they see being "physically fit" as looking good in a bathing suit. There is such a tendency to get caught up on the aesthetic aspect of fitness, that we forget just how important fitness and nutrition are in maintaining our HEALTH! You can't buy a new body or go back in time to get healthier/ younger. You've got one body, so you've gotta take care of it!

2) With a renewed meaning behind the importance of maintaining your fitness, it's now time to drop the "all or nothing" attitude that plagues so many people trying to get healthier. We tend to try and go all in at once to get fast results (crazy diet, gym 14 times a week, no cheating EVER)... but how well does this work out in the long run? By week 2 you are sore as hell, craving terrible food for every meal, and can't see the silver lining to all of this. Boom... you are back to square one. Rather than sticking to this all or nothing approach begin to make small changes that you can build habits around. Start by walking 15 minutes 3 times a week, replacing a typically unhealthy meal with a healthier alternative, etc. Work to build habits that will help you live healthier than trying to find the shortcuts to progress.

3) Make your health a non-negotiable item in your schedule. Even if it is just 15-30 minutes a day to begin, put it on the schedule and treat it as the most important appointment of the day. You can't miss it, you can't reschedule it. That is YOUR time to work on being a healthier version of you.

Reaching your fitness goals might seem like a mountain and it may not feel like you have time in the day to even start the climb, but I promise you... take it one step at a time and you'll start to see some results!

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