Awareness- The First Step In Mindset Change

The mental aspect of performance is often left behind because it is so abstract. We can't see it physically, so sometimes it is hard to believe how important it really is to work on our minds in order to optimize performance.

I can confidently tell you that the first step to any form of meaningful mindset changes it to build general awareness of how you think about yourself and the task at hand. Below are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • When I think about myself are my thoughts positive or negative?

  • Do challenges scare me or excite me?

  • What do I believe I am capable of?

This can't just be a one-off questioning. These questions should stick with you and any time you catch yourself having a negative thought, feeling put off by a challenging situation, or imposing a limiting belief on yourself, take a mental note of it to begin to build that awareness. By building a better picture of how you think about yourself and challenges, you are starting the process of changing that mentality for the better. It will make the tools introduced in our program that much more effective because you will have a clear cut picture as to what needs improvement.